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Created as an entry to the Epic Mega Jam (2019); 'Space Cats Invasion' is a Virtual Reality recreation of the classic arcade game 'Space Invaders', featuring an invasion of the white house by evil space cats.

Using your trusty "Kitty blaster 9000" tank, defend the earth from wave after wave of alien cats, as they blanket blast your position and gradually make their way down to earth, increasing their speed and attacks for every wave and lost comrade.

Use in-game arcade style controls and cannon targeting handle/screen to reach the highest wave and score you possibly can. All whilst avoiding incoming shots and preventing the invasion force from reaching the ground. Gain 10, 20, and 30 points for blue, green, and red ships respectively, with 100 bonus points and an extra life for taking out evil space cat genius "Dr Meowthagmus".

Made in Unreal Engine 4 using HTC Vive VR.

Created by: Hoobalugalar_X & Jackerino (Team Raptor)


TeamRaptor_SpaceCatsInvasion.zip 584 MB

Install instructions

Make sure HTC Vive and Steam VR are fully setup and on.
*Other Steam VR compatible headsets may also work but have not been tested*

Run "SpaceCatsInvasion.exe"

Commence Enjoyment!

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