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Created as an entry to the Epic Mega Jam (2023); Radcab 2086 is a 'retro-futuristic' city sandbox, in which you take on the role of a hover cab driver, starting their very first shift for the 'Sunny Day Taxi' company.

Set in a 1980s-style vision of the future, welcome to 2086! Using your physics / thrust based hover taxi, explore the bustling and picturesque metropolis of 'Crystal Island'. 

Collect and drop off passengers to their destinations while avoiding getting on the wrong side of the law! Escape and evade in police chases, launch yourself off of ramps and parkour the cityscape; or just take in the beautiful scenery, complete with fully dynamic lighting, as well as a day and night cycle in all its ray-traced goodness.


RaptorByte_Radcab2086.zip 932 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip. In the root folder navigate to 'Radcab2086\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us' and install the 'UEPrereqSetup_x64.exe' which will ensure the necessary versions of directx, VC++ and .NET needed for the game to run are available.

Launch 'RadCab.exe' and Enjoy!

* Please note that performance may struggle on anything but newer 'RT' capable graphics cards in with scalability option set to 'Epic'. For smoother gameplay on older/lower spec GPUs be sure to try lowering the settings (High/Mid/Low) in the bottom right corner of the pause menu.

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